The development trend of decorative ornaments
来源:本站时间:2018/11/23 14:39:24
Balloon decoration is also known as color decoration, advertising balloons from it is riotous with colour skillfully woven into balloons of various patterns, its bright color and vivid decorative art form, can give people a vision with a huge impact and appeal to decorate various occasions to heighten the atmosphere; for a variety of festive activities or occasions, bring extraordinary experience.
Balloon decoration is also a fashionable, creative and unique art. It can according to the different needs of the people, choose different color balls, by bundling, weaving, winding, mosaic, paste, air floating method, and construct different planar and three-dimensional text and graphics. Such as arches, columns, ball chain, welcome love, Peach-Shaped Mantou, stars, flowers, roadside flowers, table accessories, cartoon, dragon, connectedness and so on, it can suddenly seize people's attention, create a warm scene, a festive atmosphere, decorate and beautify the environment, to express the people all kinds of thoughts, moral and emotional.