Does the scent of the balloon hurt the human body?
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Many decorations and bridal decorations will be used balloons, balloons placed on the roof, quite beautiful, but in a period of time after the balloon will be issued rubber flavor, such a smell of the body has no harm?
The balloon will emit rubber smell, the quality is relatively poor, recommend the use of 100% meet the requirements of environmental protection, can be degraded by microorganisms to do other imported balloon balloon, a security is not easy to be broken, on the other hand also can be more difficult to weave. In addition, when the balloon is designed, the air is used, so there is no safety concern. But if you want to float short with a balloon, be sure to use a safe helium filling instead of using hydrogen. Also, do not let the baby put the balloon into the mouth, which may cause choking risk.
For large helium balloons during festivals, observe the following principles:
1, do not apply empty floating foil balloon (aluminum foil is not easy to break, foil meets high voltage wire, there will be short circuit risk, aluminum foil will cause air problems).
2, helium filled rubber balloon tie wire, do not use metal wire, the reasons for ibid.
3, helium filled rubber balloon, do not put a large number of balloons tied to the same weight.
Therefore, as long as the above precautions are observed, balloons are very safe.